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Brendan Killian holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Iowa State University. Over the past twenty years he has exhbited throughout New England. He lives and works in Jamaicia Plain Massachusetts. Exhibitions include: "The Copley Society of Boston", "The Perrin Gallery", "The Hallway Gallery", "JP Artmarket", "The Alchemist", "Centre Street Cafe", "A Far Cry", "The Gallery @ Green Street", "The Plum Gallery" in Wlliamstown MA, "Solomon Fine Arts" in Seattle WA and "Vermont Studio Center" in Johnson VT.

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Artist Statement

 As an artist I have the privilege of not only interpreting physical reality but also actively participating in the great mysteries that permeate human experience through my work. I believe in the power of the symbol as a tool to suggest the unknowable and am primarily attracted to imagery that serves as metaphor for my experience based in equal parts on the abstract and subjective reality.In my view, making art is a process by which an object is imbued with significance through repetition and an accumulation of detail. My technique involves dissecting an object into its interconnected parts and, in the reassembly process, distorting the image into a heightened version of itself. This meditation on form is an exploration of the subject’s intrinsic quality and, in my opinion, the ultimate acknowledgment of both the complexity and simple beauty of the natural world.

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