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Series 5. Response.

This series is in effect a sequel to the work that I produced in the preceading five years. Whereas the previous body of work was a much more literal interpretation of my subject matter, I chose to address the same themes symbolicly in the form of sheep.


In a general sense, I've employed the sheep to serve as a visual metaphore to explore the issues of sacrifice and spiritual transformation not unlike their traditional role in christian iconography. On a personal level they embody a faith in the future and are meant as a response to the past as addressed through previous work.


In addition to moving into new themeatic territory, this work marks a dramatic departure on a technical level as well. By focusing exclusively on this simple form, the animal has evolved through repetition from a relatively realistic representation into a personal interpretation. In the process, I've become less focused on the details and more concerned with the overall mood of the piece which required greater attention to the play of color and light.



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